Smart Parking (LPR)

Smart Parking (LPR)

Introducing Sunway Smart Parking, the largest fully unified Smart Parking System with multi cashless payment options.

The cashless and ticketless parking experience is part of Sunway’s digitisation journey to enable hassle-free experiences for its shoppers.

With Sunway Smart Parking, drivers do not need to retrieve and pay using a parking ticket when they enter and exit. Simply register, use a participating e-wallet to make payment, you will be on your way!

Upon the official launch of Sunway Smart Parking in 2020, selected registrants will enjoy one-time FREE PARKING*!

*Limited time only.

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Introducing: Sunway Smart Parking! 🏎️

Smart Parking FAQs

  • How do I pay for my parking?

    By using the partnering e-wallet apps, Touch ‘n Go Card, or cash and credit/debit cards at the autopay system (APS)

  • How do I register my car plate?

    Through our Sunway parking portal (website and app) here: or season parking portal.

  • Do I need minimum credit on my e-wallet to enter?

    No, but it will need to have sufficient balance to pay for the parking charge.

  • What if I don’t have a smartphone, e-wallet or internet access?

    You can make payment through APS or at the help desk located at Level CP3.

  • When do I make payment?

    Before you leave the mall with your car. System allows 20 minutes grace period upon payment or at the exit (if you use Touch 'n Go card)

  • Is there a grace period?

    20 minutes

  • How long do I have to exit after I make payment?

    20 minutes

  • What happens if I don’t exit within the grace period

    You will be required to make payment again

  • If I enter pyramid, can I exit hotel or offices

    Yes as it is an integrated system

  • What happens if I get stuck in the carpark?

    Press the intercom button for car park staff assistance.

  • Where are the Autopay machines?

    The APS machines are located at the following locations: Sunway Pyramid - CP5 Orange Zone, CP2 Orange Zone, B1 Blue Zone, G floor (near World of Sunway), CP3 (lift lobby nearby SPCC), Sunway Pyramid West G Floor (Escalator Zone) Menara Sunway- G Floor Sunway Pyramid Hotel - G Floor nearby car park lift lobby Sunway Resort Hotel - Level 11 Car Park

  • Can I reserve parking spaces?

    No, this feature is not available yet.

  • Is there a special rate for students or elderly?

    No, there is no special rates available at the moment.

  • What are the charges for overnight parking?

    The parking rate is based hourly until 6.00am. A new day rate will apply after 6.00am.

  • Is there a surcharge for Touch ‘n Go?

    Yes for Touch 'n Go card users but not e-wallet.

  • Does this apply for motorcycle parking?

    No, motorcyclists are required to use tickets.

  • How do I enter Preferred Parking?

    Drive in as you normally do.

  • What if the system doesn’t detect my car plate?

    Contact car park personnel for assistance.

  • Will there be more payment options in future?

    Yes, we will be introducing more payment options in the future.

  • How will receipts be generated if I want to make claims?

    Yes, e-receipts will be available through Sunway/e-wallet portals or at the APS.

  • Which are the e-wallets I can use to make payments?

    Alipay, Boost, Grab Pay, Maybank QR, Touch ‘n Go, WeChat Pay and more to come!

  • I don’t have the Touch n Go app, can I pay with Touch n Go card?

    Yes, but only through the Touch ‘n Go reader exits.

  • What is the maximum parking fee?

    Weekends are RM15 daily and weekdays are RM12 daily.

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