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Xiao Man's Dumpling

Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant originally came from Taiwan, a place called Hsinchu. Now, Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant is open at Sunway Pyramid! In 2018, the founder of this food establishment brought the best dumplings from Taiwan to Malaysia, and that's how it all started. Better known for their dumpling recipes, there is a feeling of returning home (Taiwan), like eating dumplings cooked by mom. Since then, Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant have spread across various malls in the Klang Valley, sharing their beliefs. People are interested in their tastes, so the mall can be seen full of customers at lunchtime. Even in some malls, there is a steady stream of customers throughout the day.

How do they make their dumplings taste so good? Xiaoman’s dumplings are specially cooked using their own homemade recipe, which makes for great dumplings, with different fillings and different ways of cooking you can see on the menu. Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant also use only fresh, locally sourced meat and vegetables in the kitchen, which definitely speaks to the quality of their own food. What makes their dumpling recipe unique, spicy and crispy is that it is cooked with natural herbs and spices, with zero artificial flavors. Other than that, there is no MSG, instead, Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant use naturally fermented soy sauce to serve food in the most natural way possible. The most important thing is that every recipe hides the most original taste of Taiwan, and it is a way and feeling for the founder to yearning the children who have studied abroad.

Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant’s signature shrimp dumplings are made the good old-fashioned way, using traditional Asian ingredients including pork, shrimp, spring onions and cilantro. Not only their dumpling is great, but Xiaoman Dumpling Restaurant’s also offer a variety of set menus such as Braised Pork Rice and Signature Noodles (Mi-Shua), Shaved Ice and Beef Noodles to appeal to many. Now that is available in our mall, this is a great must-eat opportunity for everyone to enjoy a dumpling recipe from Taiwan. Come and try it!

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