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Food & Beverages

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Do you have an appetite for happiness? Australian-inspired Ludwig Softserve is now in Sunway Pyramid, Serving Happiness Daily and crafting a joyous dessert experience. Get your sweet cravings fixed with a plethora of desserts here ranging from rich, creamy and velvety softserve ice cream, crunchy waffles as well as pillowy doughnuts. Ludwig Softserve believes that every dessert journey is different. You can customise your softserve and create one-of-a-kind twirls. Then, pair your desserts with a wide variety of coffee, tea, chocolate, matcha, honey, fruit juice and sparkling juice here. Before you take the first gulp, remember to snap a picture with the eye-catching desserts and Insta-worthy ambience.

Their recipes know your palate very well. The in-house dessert wizards discover, select and marry different ingredients together to hit your sweet spots all in a serving of dessert. High quality, imported materials and machinery are the secrets to the unique texture of every bite. You will certainly crave for more! The service team at Ludwig Softserve are the connoisseurs of this art of dessert. They are ever ready to tell you the best pairing of flavours and spread the love for dessert.

From a humble beginning in Penang’s Armenian Street, Ludwig Softserve was founded on the passion of making dessert a long-lasting trend and culture. The cultural melting pot of Australia inspired the founders to bring this concept back in their homeland. By adding local touches and curating an entire dessert experience unique to Malaysian, Ludwig Softserve became the top dessert cafe in Penang. Now, it is time for the rest of the country to enjoy this sweet pleasure, starting from Sunway Pyramid - the pinnacle of gastronomic experience.

Happiness is a choice. Choosing the best dessert to tango with your happiness is the cherry on top. Ludwig Softserve brings more than just yummy desserts but a wholesome dessert experience that tickles your eyes, your heart and your taste buds.

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Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

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