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Health & Wellness

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Koong Woh Tong

Koong Woh Tong has been the household name to sought for traditional Chinese herbal teas and their famous ‘Guiling Gao’. Their first shop was opened in 1990 at Kuala Lumpur, and now there are over 50 outlets in Peninsula Malaysia. Throughout the years, the brand continued to conduct researches on authentic herbs formula with a will to keep in tune with the modern dietary habits of the customers. When the body is overworked and immune system is weak, the risk of getting sick is higher too. So, we need to take care of our overall health! Are you having indigestion or constipation? Sleepless nights? Take Koong Woh Tong Herbal Jelly! There are many healing properties of this jelly such as promotes balanced body metabolism, detoxifies the body, eliminates body heat, eliminates pimples and acne, restores body wellness. Caught under the weather with flu/cough/sore throat/cold/fever? Wants to detox and relieves body heat? Take Ya Sei Mei herbal tea! This tea has been traditionally labelled as a healthy beverage due to its remarkable medical properties. Brewed from more than 20 types of Chinese herbs, this tea could boost your health! Want to boost your body energy? Try the Five Flower Herbal Tea! The healing effects of this tea are cooling and soothing, whilst nourishing the spiritual energy. Besides that, drinking this tea can moisturise the eyes and improves sight energy, clears body heat and expel dampness. Our liver is one of the most important organ in our body. This is because the liver removes toxins and harmful substances from your body. The ‘Ji Gu Cao’ or Abrum Cantonese Plant Tea is sweet and slightly sour, good in protecting and soothing the liver. Moreover, this tea is effective in alleviate body heat and dissipate blood stasis. Apart from that, the ‘Xia Gu Cao’ or Spica Prunellae Tea is good for up-flaming of liver heat. Symptoms of liver heat are dizziness, swollen eyes, headache, constipation, insomnia and dry mouth. Last but not least, for those who feel anxious from heavy workloads, smokes and drinks should drink the Ling Zi Momordica herbal tea. This tea specialise in healing throat discomfort from smoking and drinking, and improve blood circulation. Visit Koong Who Tong at Lower Ground floor (blue zone) to get your health in check!

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