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Daily Fresh Foods Group, with more than 800 franchise outlets and 1,000 licensing selling points around the world, is one of the leading global snack food retailers. Based in Simpang Renggam, Johor (Malaysia), Daily Fresh Foods Group has expanded business into 15 countries with four branch offices located at Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Shanghai (China), Jakarta (Indonesia) and Riyath (Saudi Arabia). They sell a vast variety of ready-to-snacks and desserts such as Cup Corn, Wafito, Ice Kimo, Gelato Tempo and Pop Corn around the world. Established in 1997, they were known as Malaysia’s market leader in sweet corn farming, processing and franchising.
Daily Fresh ensures to provide these 4 traits which are convenience, healthy, trendy and innovation in development. They understand that time is precious to their customers. So, they have found ways to reduce waiting time which provides confidence to customers that will be delighted plus being serves with smiles of their friendly customer service personnel’s. All while they prepare and serve snacks without the hassle of waiting time, especially when they understand that people are always on the move. In addition to that, many people have been consuming more natural and nutritious food as the key element for those who are keen for a healthy lifestyle.
As the world is moving towards a fast, energetic, fashionable and trendy lifestyle, they are always in the forefront as they continuously improve to be the top choice for the youth and the busy working adults group. Their investment in research and development allows to strive for better techniques and technologies to improve our product quality while developing new and innovative products. Opening on at Sunway Pyramid has allowed them to share their food to everyone who aspires to be healthy yet as well as enjoying the latest food trend that they can find.

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