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798 Rice Bucket

As an Asian, rice is a large staple of our diet. Most days, there will be at least one meal consisting of rice, be it with dishes, or as a main of its own (fried rice, as a pottage, etc). With all the different types of rice-based dishes available, what makes 798 Rice Bucket stand out? Well, as in its name, the bucket is where the magic lies. 798 Rice Bucket in Sunway Pyramid enjoys a special little niche, where a large part of their menu offers rice cooked in buckets! This unique way of preparing the rice has a larger part than just looking Instagramable (though you are encouraged to take pictures of your food to share with friends, go ahead), the bucket serves as a pseudo oven to carry out several distinct features for you.
First off, the bucket helps retain the moisture in the dish while cooking, thus ensuring that the rice does not dry out or becomes undercooked. The steam formed are quickly circulated within the bucket to fully cook all the meats and vegetables inside (depending on which item you choose, of course), which also helps to retain the heat and savory goodness of the ingredients until it reaches your table. This rings true for all their dishes, from their noodles, oriental soups and even the large assortments of dim sums like siu mai and dumplings! The air pocket formed between the bucket and your dish also keeps a certain range of warmth for your food while you eat, so you can enjoy your meal at a much more leisurely pace.
Relish in the various 798 Rice Bucket specials such as their signature cheesebaked rice sets, side dishes combos and even seasonal offerings such as during Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day! What are you waiting for, drop by 798 Rice Bucket today!

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